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  • Simple Callout demo

    A simple text callout… which can also be used as a simple circular bug.

    Compatible with FCPX 10.2 or greater.

  • The Floor screenshot

    An effect that provides a reflective surface for clips and flexibility to use it in several different ways

  • SC Sharpen Tools - demo image

    This effect is compatible with every version of Final Cut Pro X.


  • Fan Divider generator for final cut pro x

    A “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” split screen effect.

    See video for details



  • default setup for Comic Hero titleComic Hero Title variations

    Comic Hero emulates Suicide Squad titles.

  • raindrops on glass title effect

    A raindrops on glass titling effect.

    Rain Pane is installed as a Title and requires FCPX 10.3.2 or higher.

  • Santa and Rudolph clip - still

    45 second clip of simple animations you can use in any project! ProRes 4444 with transparency. Free for personal and commercial uses. You can even right click on the transparent PNG product still and save it to use in your projects. [Free for commercial use. Do not distribute!][INSERT_ELEMENTOR id="11025"]

  • Rogue Too Font for FCPX TitlingRogue Too - May the 4th be with you

    Designed to be used as 3D Text titling in Final Cut Pro X or Apple Motion. This font is free forever!

    Enjoy![INSERT_ELEMENTOR id="11025"]

  • Santa and Rudolph 3D

    Real 3D models of Santa, sleigh and Rudolph for your Christmas video projects.

    Requires FCPX 10.4.10+/Motion 5.4.7+. Requires installation of two custom fonts (provided). May be backdated to FCPX 10.3.

  • Tandem Title - connected together

    Requires FCPX 10.3 or above.

  • Monitor Screen Font feature

    Use to create 3D screens in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect. A generic circle character is also provided (do you know how many things can be made with just a circle?)

  • Swords - sword fontSword - Celtic briad

    A modeling font for Motion. Sample project demo included.

  • Pac-Man 3D Motion project

    Apple Motion Project file is my gift for Motion users.

    [INSERT_ELEMENTOR id="11025"]
  • Piano/Synth Keyboard Model

    Apple Motion project for building 3D modeled piano or synthesizer keyboards included for demo purposes or to use as the basis of your projects!

  • Robotic Arm 3D Model

    Two versions: a plain version and a version ready to animate. Modeling font included.[INSERT_ELEMENTOR id="11025"]

  • Motion Shapes font feature

    Most of the basic shapes from the Motion Shapes Library and then some.

    Download contains 2 Basic Shapes fonts and a demo 3D model of the animated Motion Icon.

    [INSERT_ELEMENTOR id="11025"]
  • Taped Title

    Requires FCPX 10.2 or above.

  • Cursors foiled again title for fcpx 10.3 or above

    Essentially a “type on” effect with an animated cursor. Easy to use. Can be used to easily assemble multiple line effects. Includes optional background.

  • Highway sign title effect for FCPX

    O’er The Highway is an easy to use “sign” template for final cut pro, with a lot of versatility built in to customize the effect to make it useful in nearly any circumstance. Requires FCPX 10.3.0 or higher.

  • Touch of Class gallery

    Touch Of Class is a highly versatile, customizable, and animatable template that will allow you to place it anywhere in your video and make it fit in. Easy to use. Create anything from a simple tape label to a full screen title with simple but classy accents.


  • $30.00

    A beautifully detailed model of a MacBook Pro equipped with a drop zone screen. Requires installation of a font. OSX startup screen movie file included (see demo).

  • Whip Pan feature

    Whip Pan is a classic transition also known as a Swish Pan. This is an ultra simple effect. The only parameter is the option to reverse the direction of the pan.

  • Blood Drops feature

    Blood Splatter and Blood Drops — a creepy effect for Halloween, slasher movies, horror movies, or just a nice color spatter effect for titling.


  • Leaves - Fall Title for FCPX

    Leaves is a decorative seasonal generator for Final Cut Pro X.

  • Bats Generator - sampleBats Generator

    Bats generator is useful for year round projects for the moon image alone. This generator can be used for the whole Halloween effect or in parts: just the Bats, just the moon or just the sky designer or any combination. If you don’t like Bats — check out Ravens! Or buy both, combine them together and save!

  • Wildfire Transition feature

    Very simple transition. Built and best used at five seconds. Not recommended at less than three seconds.

  • 3D Padlocks - Font examples

    The font used for the 3D Padlock model.

  • Comic Book SC Effect - Helicopter Downcomic book demo 6

    Comic Book SC turns any video into a video comic book. This effect does more than simply halftone the image, it also outlines, controls the size and contrast of the halftone dots, allows for a paper tint, includes “levels” controls and a “fader” to mix the amount of the effect to apply.

  • SlateTC 3D - 3D Clapper model with timecode

    This is a 3D model of a slate, or clapper, that contains a number of features, including an LED Timecode display which can be set by parameter control in the generator’s inspector. Other features are animation parameters (which can be used in conjunction with the preset animations provided), customizing the look of the slate, including the color bars along the top. There are four preset “handwriting” fonts (and that will be all that’s available in this version). There is an icon set for indoor/outdoor; closeup/landscape; day/night; ext. mic’ing.

    Use of this effect requires the installation of the font: ZZSCSlateTC-Regular.ttf

    This effect uses the “3D Text” feature in FCPX which may require a minimum of 1GB of RAM. This effect will require FCPX 10.2 or later. Please do not attempt to purchase without these requirements!

  • Guitar Chords feature

    Preview video gives a few tips for the best workflow (tutorial and demo). You can use both versions together (one on top of the other—if you’re careful) to make use of the OSC drag positions for overlays. Once you get used to using this generator, it is very easy to use and relatively fast.

  • Scroll Label Title
    Emulates the iPod music player title labels.
  • Basic Underline Title

    Only the first line is underlined.

    The underline always follows the text wherever placed on the screen.

    The underline follows the text alignment. When you change from Left, Center, Right or Justified, the underline auto-adjusts.

    The underline automatically sizes to match the width of the text box (if you use multiline, then it will match the width of the widest line).

  • Historic District Title

    A “compact” and lightweight animated title with “range.” All the elements beautifully blended for a default presentation with enough parameter control for wide-range customizations.

  • Puzzle HD fcpx generator
    This is a 3D model Generator project and requires installation of a font (ZZSC Puzzle HD – regular.ttf).Easy to use, but must be keyframed. The font is precision crafted and the edges can be made to virtually disappear (Front Edge Size parameter set to 0).Drop zone allows video (kind of a big deal since it is a “texture” for a 3D object which doesn’t work in Titles!)
  • Gilligan's Helm Title

    The Helm Wheel opener effect from the 60’s television show. Features: animate wheel spin, wheel tilt and “yaw” (x and y axis rotations) and position (includes an onscreen control to assist placement.) Drop Zone controls to allow pan and scale to fit media in place.

  • Tear Off Transition feature

    A simple transition. Parameters include Back Color (with transparency) and the Angle, Rotation, Radius and Shadow controls for each segment. Customize the direction of the tears. Use the Velcro 3 sound effect in the Final Cut Pro X sound effect library and retime to match the length of the transitioning.

  • Illustrated Fireworks effect

    Illustrated style fireworks effect generator for video projects developed in Final Cut Pro X.

  • FCPX title effect Location Pin

    Location Pin:

    A wide range of options from solid pins to pins with drop zones. Optional “glass” layer for drop zones. Drop Zone adjustments of scale, x/y offset (pan), saturation, value, contrast controls to enhance image after applying to drop zone.