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Santa and Rudolph 3D


Real 3D models of Santa, sleigh and Rudolph for your Christmas video projects.

Requires FCPX 10.4.10+/Motion 5.4.7+. Requires installation of two custom fonts (provided). May be backdated to FCPX 10.3.

Santa and Rudolph 3D

Santa and Rudolph 3D is a generator is built on a 3D model built for Final Cut Pro X 10.3+ and Apple Motion 5.3+.

Santa and Rudolph 3D requires the installation of the provided fonts (ZZSCSled and ZZSCStrokes) before applying in either FCPX or Motion.

Published parameters are simple: Position, Rotation, Scale.  Santa’s head automatically moves back and forth: there is a parameter to change the initial angle Santa faces. There is an optional Night Background (“star field”) with adjustable Star Count and a Randomizer. There are no onscreen controls with this project, but it’s simple enough to handle easily.

Automatic animations: Santa’s head moves back and forth and his left arm waves. Rudolph’s head is also animated. Aside from positioning Santa to look left or right, there are no other controls. All other animations must be keyframed.



Please see this post for more information:

More About Santa and Rudolph

Installation Instructions.

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