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Spot Marks the Text


Requires Final Cut Pro 10.3.3 or above. See the demo video for usage ideas.


Spot Marks the Text

Spot Marks the Text is a Title effect/template created for Final Cut Pro.

Spot Marks the Text has been carefully crafted to allow a wide gamut of creative possibility.

A “spot” animates through the center region outlined by two lines revealing the Title’s text.

Two of the options are that the separation between the lines is user adjustable as well as the size of the spot which does not have to be a circle, it can be made into an oval.

The title is crafted in such a way so that no matter what size the spot is, it always begins and ends the animation just beyond the bounding lines. This will make synchronizing multiple instances of the title in imaginative ways possible. Changing these dimensions will not effect the way the title works. You don’t have to worry that a smaller spot will mean a longer wait for it to appear or that the Line Separation will cut into the starting point of the spot.

Spot Marks the Text is deliberately designed to be timed for 5 seconds. Need slower animation? Stretch out the title longer in time. Rapid “scrolling” can accomplished by shortening the time to 2-3 seconds.

Spot Marks the Text has been designed with three lines of text. Default position for the specific font (Sinzano), font size, and the three lines has been set with Font Size, Line Spacing and Baseline. These three parameters will be very important to adjust when changing fonts, their size and the number of lines in use.

Use the over and under lines as guides when making adjustments. These are easy adjustments to make — just use your eyes. You want the centering to occur at the midpoint within the title. If you double click on the title clip in the storyline, the playhead should automatically be set to the center frame of the title making these adjustments more precisely placed.

Installation Instructions.

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