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Robotic Arm


Two versions: a plain version and a version ready to animate. Modeling font included.

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Robotic Arm

Apple Motion projects ready to use to create FCPX Generators

In the download are two versions: a plain version and a version ready to animate as shown in this video. Also included is the *necessary* font which must be installed before opening either Motion or FCPX if used as a generator.

BTW – it doesn’t come like this out of the box! Requires keyframing 😉

Not indicated in the video, there is a “tracking point” available in both. If you have a  position keyframeable object, you simulate the arm picking it up and moving it around using keyframes.

Also, positioning and animating in 3D space is possible (maybe you can make it move like the Pixar Lamp.)

It is highly recommended that you switch FCPX to “Better Performance” while working with this generator. Expect a longer render time than usual. It works quite well in Better Performance in real time (it just doesn’t look as pretty :D)

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A good place to see all of my effects as well as several tutorials and other demonstrations in use is on my YouTube channel.