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Cursors! Foiled Again!


Essentially a “type on” effect with an animated cursor. Easy to use. Can be used to easily assemble multiple line effects. Includes optional background.


Cursors! Foiled Again!

This title requires Final Cut Pro 10.3 or higher.

Essentially a “type on” effect with an animated cursor. The lead in “block” is on by default but can be turned off and there is a customizable background that can be optionally employed for the effect. Really nice effect for action movies.


  • Starting “block” (optional)
  • Flashing cursor blinks at same rate no matter how long the title is dragged out.
  • Optional background (off by default). Color, opacity, outline, outline color, outline opacity controls.
  • Speed control.
  • Default application is easy — drag, drop, change the text.

Designed to facilitate “multi-line” appearances (it is not possible to have the cursor work across a multi-line string of characters, therefore cursor opacity is included to be able to turn off one line as another new instance line begins.) Duplicate a title to retain effect settings for multi-line.

Pausing in a single line is handled like a multi-line. Set one instance up and create a pause, duplicate and move horizontally to finish a line… easy.

Sight-Creations gives you the power to design your own effects from a single template!


Installation Instructions.

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