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How do I install this template?
I installed this template but I still can’t find it in Final Cut Pro X. What do I need to do?
Please see this document—it explains everything.

(Not so) Frequently Asked Questions

This template requires a font? Why?
Some of our templates make use of a feature in Motion 5.3 (3D Text) in an unconventional way by using special characters in a font to create a special effect. It has become necessary to provide a special font because of the way Macintosh works with fonts. Font substitution is automatic when using unicode characters and while a special character “provided by” the System may appear correctly for most people, when new fonts are added and/or old fonts removed from system fonts, this action can interrupt which font is intended to be used for the special characters and font substitution can break the template.
Any template that requires a special font has that font provided with it (for free!) You even have an implicit license to use that font in your own projects (within licensing guidelines). In order for the feature to take effect, the font must be installed and both Motion and FCPX will require restarting if they are already open. Most of our fonts begin with ZZSC in order to drop the font to the bottom of font menu/lists to stay out of the way of your usual font browsing/selecting.

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