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Rogue Too: use The Force for free


Designed to be used as 3D Text titling in Final Cut Pro X or Apple Motion. This font is free forever!


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Rogue Too TrueType Font

For use with modeling Star Wars: Rogue One-like titles



ZZSC Rogue Too (version 1.0.1*) license:

CC by 4.0 (attribution to F•X Mahoney,; email [email protected].

If you make changes to the font and please attach a copy of changed font with notification.

“Rogue Too” letterforms are from two fonts created by F•X prior to 1995 under the names of Senator Flair (uppercase set) and Senator—Regular (also uppercase).

The actual font used in the Star Wars movie titling is Trajan or Trajan Pro. Senator and its variants is derived from the actual text on the Column of Trajan in Rome and so related to the Trajan fonts with some differences.

“Rogue Too” contains symbols directly related to the movie “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and the “Star Wars” logo that may be copyrighted or trademarked by other entities. They are the reason why this font is provided free of charge.

Use of the Star Wars symbols may be infringement on those copyrights and trademarks, so use with care and due diligence!  The rest of the font may be used for your own titling if you require a “Rogue One look”.


*Rogue Too received a minor upgrade May 1, 2020.

See the entire character set with the Font Inspector (it is set up with this font by default).



Here's a demo:

Installation Instructions.

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