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Writings: FCPX & Motion

Final Cut Pro X

Apple Motion

The mysteries of OSC in Final Cut Pro X revealed, Part 1

We have all used the On Screen Controls in Final Cut Pro X to control plugins- but how are they built? …

Controlling shapes: The mysteries of OSC in Final Cut Pro X revealed, Part 2

If you ever want to build an adjustable line or shape in Motion for use in Final Cut Pro, there is only one way to get the On Screen Controls to work…

We built a pool! Publishing animating Motion textures to Final Cut Pro X

…Motion is all about animation … So why not textures? Below is a recipe for a very nice 3D Text effect,

custon behavior banner

Apple Motion's Custom Behavior — The Diamond in the Rough

The Custom behavior lets you make your own behaviors by creating a set of parameters, then keyframing them to create the type of animation you want to apply to an object.

Free Tutorial: The third dimension in Apple's Motion -and beyond

In this instalment, you will be creating an animation on a 3D surface. This project will demonstrate a different way to manipulate the Front and Back Edge “sizes” of a 3D Text object,

Motion5 Tutorial: Making stereo VU meters animate in sync with an audio track

How to build a pair of stereo VU meters in Motion. First interesting point is that the audio track has to be imported


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