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iPhone 6 Plus 3D Model


iPhone 6 Plus 3D Model requires FCPX 10.2 or better and more than 1GB vRAM on your graphics card.

iPhone 6 Plus 3D Model

Do not purchase this item if your Mac has less than 1GB of vRAM!

It is required to install the font (ZZSC IphoneModelParts) which accompanies this generator in Font Book first. I recommend creating a category in the left column of Font Book for 3D model fonts used in Motion/FCPX. It makes them easier to find… in Motion.

The iPhone 6 Plus 3D model uses a square (1920×1920 pixel) drop zone which will handle vertically formatted video equally as well as horizontally formatted video. You can use the Pan and Scale parameters to adjust the video to fit into the iPhone screen.

There are two accessory parameters: DZ Rotation and DZ Scale which can be used to rotate and alternately scale the *drop zone*. Use the two scales in combination: the Scale parameter will scale the video inside the drop zone’s range; DZ Scale scales the drop zone itself.  If you find your video/image cropped along the edges, then Scale should be used. Otherwise use DZ Scale to help fit the image into the screen region.

To screen record your iPhone for this iPhone 6 model:

Simply connect it with the lightening connector.

Launch Quicktime X player and select New Movie Recording from the File menu. If the iPhone’s screen does not immediately show up in a window on your desktop, find the small down arrow disclosure to the right of the Record button and click to reveal the drop down menu.

Choose your iPhone from the Cameras submenu. 

NOTE: you can only record in one direction (vertically or horizontally) at a time. As soon as you turn your phone, the recording will stop with an “error” (QT cannot handle the reorientation of the video format.) Just start a new recording to record in Landscape (or portrait depending where you started.) To use the separate videos in FCPX for the iPhone generator, used separate instances of the generator and keyframe the reorientation of the screen content.

Installation Instructions.

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A good place to see all of my effects as well as several tutorials and other demonstrations in use is on my YouTube channel.