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SC Sharpen Tools


This effect is compatible with every version of Final Cut Pro X.


SC Sharpen Tools

This effect was made with Motion 5.0. It is compatible with every release of Final Cut Pro X.

No Motion filters are used in this effect. This effect uses a Photoshop technique of layer manipulation to create the sharpening. The parameters give you a wide latitude to create many kinds of effects throughout a wide range. Sharpening should only use very small increments in settings. Primarily intended as a sharpening tool, this filter effect can be used for color grading/correction, illustration/cartooning effects, and as a transition effect from illustration effect to “normal” video, or vice versa.

The product image uses SC Sharpen Tools to create a split screen to demonstrate the original image on the left to the “Sharpened” image on the right. The use of an Effect’s Mask created the split view.


Installation Instructions.

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