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Piano/Synth Keyboard


Apple Motion project for building 3D modeled piano or synthesizer keyboards included for demo purposes or to use as the basis of your projects!

Piano/Synth Keyboard

This package is an Apple Motion Project (includes required fonts)

You will need to install the fonts that come with this model that are included in the folder with the Motion project.

The fonts were designed to be used by simply typing in the values where lowercase “notes” are the white keys and uppercase notes are the black keys… I must be getting very rusty or font handling has changed over the years because the fonts don’t work exactly as expected in Motion (it does it’s own internal “thing” on some texts it seems—the fonts work in TextEdit).

You’ll need to use kerning to help line up the shapes in Motion if you decide to type out a keyboard for use with a Sequence Text behavior—a viable alternative to the method used in this model. For example, a 12-note scale would be cCdDefFgGaAb (for the “Regular” version – in the Heavy version, you would type out black keys first, then the white keys, or CDFGAcdefgab.)

You can type out the strings as long as you like to have a single sequence text controller.

Even though the audio file does not accompany this project, it will still be “keyframed” as if it were. You can download the FREE audio file here:

The audio file on Pond5 is mislabeled. It is supposed to be Sonata in A (major—not minor) D.959 —  the “D. 959” is the catalog number for the composition.

There will be no support for this. You can use the model “as is” if you like or modify it any way you like. All of the Audio behaviors are “tuned” to each “key” (character) to respond to audio.

Piano/Synth Keyboard can be easily converted to an FCPX generator.

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