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Rain Pane


A raindrops on glass titling effect.

Rain Pane is installed as a Title and requires FCPX 10.3.2 or higher.

Rain Pane (Raindrops on Glass)

Rain Pane is a raindrops on glass title effect.

This title requires FCPX 10.3 or above.

Rain Pane contains the following key parameters:

Refraction:  Increases the amount of the water droplet effect. Range from 0 to 200. At zero, water droplets are imperceptible.

Compound Blur: This is a “flat” blur effect but allows an unblurred view through the water droplets and drips. It gives a very realistic view of how water effects “foggy” glass.

VariBlur Amount: This blur is different than the Compound. It blurs the background from a center point outwards. There is some parallax movement with the effect that gives the feeling of a rack focus effect.

Drop Count: not really a count, but a relative setting determining lesser or greater drops in the scene.

Drop Sizes: A minimum to maximum setting determining the relative sizes of the water droplets (but not the “drips” or “runs” which are a separate effect).

Randomize Drops: changes up the pattern of water droplets on the “pane” (but not the drips, as above).

The default font is Zingende Regular. Zingende is part of FCPX available to all users. Any choices of font stylings should be done in the Text Inspector. You have complete and creative control over all aspects of text in the Text Inspector and 3D text is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!

The timing on the this effect is set at a default of 20 seconds to preserve the water droplet animation speed. Shortening this title to less than 20 seconds will not speed up the animation, however, lengthening the title to longer that 20 seconds will result in the water animation “freezing” (keeping still, to be clear). Twenty seconds should be more than enough time for any title sequence and it’s worth spending the time with the animations ;).

Installation Instructions.

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