Motion Shapes (font)


Most of the basic shapes from the Motion Shapes Library and then some.

Download contains 2 Basic Shapes fonts and a demo 3D model of the animated Motion Icon.

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Motion Shapes

A font containing basic shapes for 3D Modeling

Most of the basic shapes from the Motion Shapes Library and then some: a spiral, some extra stars, a wedge shape, a couple of mazes and accessory pieces to help build 3D models.

The ‘2’ key was used for a 10-sided polygon… a ‘2’ sided poly is just a line… you can use the vertical bar for that in just about every font.

One of the main features of this font is that is designed to have the baseline at the exact vertical center of the characters.


July 21, 2022

This font has been updated!

All characters are centered on a “zero point” with zero width! It is no longer necessary to typographically center justify the characters.

The font has had its internal resolution increased to the maximum.

The circular maze character has been cleaned up considerably!

Motion Shapes Font Circular Maze character
Cleaned up maze. Centered characters at the base point.

July 10, 2023

I added ZZSC Basic Shapes as a separate download and included the Motion Icon Generator project for use in Final Cut or in Motion.

ZZSC Basic Shapes has a few different characters – a vertical bar and HD and SD aspect rectangles.

This font and generator were previously priced at $10 and are now free.

ZZSC Basic Shapes
Motion animated 3D icon - 3D Gallery

Installation Instructions.

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