Motion Shapes (font)


Most of the basic shapes from the Motion Shapes Library and then some.

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Motion Shapes

A font containing basic shapes for 3D Modeling

Most of the basic shapes from the Motion Shapes Library and then some: a spiral, some extra stars, a wedge shape, a couple of mazes and accessory pieces to help build 3D models.

The ‘2’ key was used for a 10-sided polygon… a ‘2’ sided poly is just a line… you can use the vertical bar for that in just about every font.

One of the main features of this font is that is designed to have the baseline at the exact vertical center of the characters.

The individual widths are the actual widths of the characters (normally this is not so as there is usually “padding” on at least once side to provide space, also known as “side bearings”.) Therefore, using Center justification should very nearly perfectly set the center “anchor point” at the exact center of the character… you’ll see… it’s a big help… 😉 (Example, just spin the spiral character on its Z-axis…)

The only exception is the wedge character which has its bottom point aligned on the baseline to facilitate its use in a replicator for 3D pie charts.

Warning: if you use FontBook to copy/paste characters, there is a four-pointed star that will crash FCPX [not tested in 10.3 yet] (it’s the first character that shows up and has the unicode value of 0000.) Motion 5.3 ignores pasting character 0x0000, so it may no longer be an issue.

Installation Instructions.

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