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About Sight-Creations

Sight-Creations is the d.b.a (doing business as) name for FX Mahoney, Jr. Sight-Creations began, essentially, in 1987 with illustration and font development. 1992 saw the beginning of 20 years of Photoshop use. With the introduction of the internet—website development, and by 2003, the realization that video was the future direction of the web. Experience with Adobe’s short-lived LiveMotion leading up to Apple’s introduction of Motion, and starting in 2007 with Motion 2 and 20 years experience with vector graphics (illustration/fonts), bitmap graphics (Photoshop) and animation (LiveMotion), video/visual effects were a natural fit.


Final Cut Pro X plugins by Sight-Creations! Templates for Effects, Generators, Titles and Transitions as well as Fonts for 3D modeling — Fox Mahoney. Updated 2018-08-16