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Two new products! Shine On and Title Path

Shine On gives you volumetric lighting for transparent regions in your Titles or storyline clips with plenty of control to customize the look of your effect! Original color is taken from the text color or media itself. You can decrease or increase its saturation giving the light effect a more realistic feel and there is a brightness control to increase the effect. A secondary color is provided so that you can customize the overall appearance. You’ll have fun creating your own lighting effects! And you can always use more than one!

Title Path allows you to design an irregular path for the text to follow. Controls to animate (without keyframes) the text along a path are provided. These controls are simple to use. You can set a start time and an end time for animation and the amount of distance to travel by setting starting and ending points. Don’t want to animate? Simply set the End Time at 0% and your text will remain stationary.

Ink - Mid-Century Retro Illustration Effect

In most cases, Ink works on first drop. There are several ways to smooth out the noise that occurs in some clips. If you really need to push it to get the effect you want, you can apply a Hue/Saturation effect and move it above Ink in the Effects Inspector. The advantage to using this technique is that the Hue/Saturation has a color mask available and you can enhance the shading or colorize a specific portion of your clip.

By default, this is a Black & White effect (it was expensive to print in color back in the day!) There is an option to colorize this effect which takes the colors of the original clip and blends it into the Ink effect. This can often look like “Gouache”, also popular in magazine illustration and advertising in the mid last century.

Sight-Creations Essentials

If you’ve been watching my videos on YouTube for the past few years (!), most, if not all, involve the use of several of these effects in every project! Development on these plugins began in early 2016 and have been being expanded all along. They are great fun to use! And the best part is: when you’ve got it down just like you like it — you can create an Effects Preset to save all the work for use in any other clip!

The bundled collection contains all of SC KeyFX, Highlighter, SC Video Fixers, S•C Retimer, and Grid. Everybody should have a decent grid, not only to use to line up things — but as an artistic addition ;).


Image Reveals

Very versatile Title for Final Cut Pro. Use it for logo reveals, other images/videos. Includes optional text elements. Vertical bar “respects” extended text. This project was the result of a request on Apple Support Communities (ASC) FCPX forum…



Get it here.

Getting Started with Highlighter 2: Three animated text bugs in less than six minutes!

Highlighter was originally designed for Titles in Final Cut Pro X. It has grown very quickly to 24 plugins to allow you to quickly create custom effects right in Final Cut Pro X. No need to go into Motion. Refashion older templates and those designed by others!

This tutorial is a short, simple introduction into  applying Highlighter to a Basic Title to create three different text “bugs” (little bits of title that don’t qualify as Lower Thirds, or can appear anywhere on the screen).

  • Bug 1 is plain text that animates onto the screen at the lower left corner.
  • Bug 2 provides a background rounded rectangle that animates on with the text.
  • Bug 3 creates a text slide-in on the static rounded rectangle on the screen (with fade in/fade out).

It’s amazing what layer order can do! Watch and see for yourself!

Highlighter is bundled in Sight-Creations Essentials with SC KeyFX, S•C Retimer, SC Video Fixers and Grid. Save money by buying the bundle!

Customize how you “load” a drop zone with this easy approach

Take control of the drop zones in templates! Create the perfect starting point and ending point on any frame of your source clips!

The method is simple:

  1. Set a marker on the template drop zone at the exact frame you want your source clip to begin playing.
  2. Connect the source clip to the storyline and snap align it to the first frame of the template. (You can use In and Out points to define the clip).
  3. Move the playhead to the first frame of the source clip, select it, and type Option-F to create a “freeze frame”. (FCPX creates a secondary storyline!)
  4. Click the right edge of the freeze frame and drag it to the marker.
  5. Make a compound clip of the freeze frame and video clip and select its first frame for the drop zone.

The nice thing about this method: FCPX creates a secondary storyline when you create the freeze frame giving you a magnetic timeline. When you stretch out the time of the freeze frame, the video clip automatically moves with the edit for perfect positioning!

This tutorial is only 3 minutes long. Most other tutorials use a generator as a spacer requiring a little more work, plus you do not get the advantage of the optional still frame as a placeholder. Think about it.

In focus:

Sight-Creations Essentials Effects Bundle for FCPX
Sight-Creations Essentials
SC KeyFX - amazing tools for FCPX
Highlighter 2 Effects bundle for FCPX
Highlighter 2

About is the “storefront” for Sight-Creations (the d.b.a. for F. X. Mahoney a.k.a., “Fox” Mahoney) since Nov. 1, 2013. There are also galleries of some of my work, a few online tools like the Motion Template Backdater, and several blog entries. It’s difficult to have to do everything involved in maintaining this site on top of developing plugins and templates, so the blog entries are a little more sparse than I would like.

I have been creating Motion templates for Final Cut Pro since 2009, about 10 years. Many of the first templates I created for Final Cut Pro X were originally made for FCP 7!

I do not believe in creating “themed” assets — you know the type: 24 different variations of the same template for you to choose from. Why waste that much space on your hard drive? My templates are designed for a wide latitude of options so that you can create your own variation from (in most cases) a single template. I’m trying to save you time, not waste it by making pick and choose what will probably not be exactly what you want!

I am very involved in customer support. It is very important to me that you can use my products for what you need. If it is determined during support that you cannot use my templates, either from compatibility issues or they are “just not right for your needs” — I will refund your purchase. Support is on my Products menu!

My products are my only source of income. I deeply appreciate any purchase you make! Thank you so much! I would like to recommend that you do yourself a favor and purchase the Sight-Creations Essentials bundle, or at least, Highlighter 2. They will grow on you! The more you use them, the more valuable they will become. If this shop survives, I will be adding more Effects Presets which will be FREE! You’ll be helping yourself.

I hope you find what you’re looking for! Come back often!