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Motion Projects & 3D Models (required fonts included)

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Apple Watch DZ +

I made this 3D Model of the Apple Watch  several years ago, but used it with the San Francisco font. Licensing issues prevented me from releasing it and even though San Francisco is installed on all Macs after El Capitan, it can only be used under certain conditions and the version installed in the system has a different name from the developer’s font. Boring stuff. I finally removed San Francisco from these projects.

This is another bundled set of effects (generators): the Apple Watch model, Apple Watch Face (a running analog clock) and the “Activity Monitor”.

If you’re not interested in the 3D model, the Apple Watch Face generator and Activity Monitor generator are also sold separately.

Sight-Creations Essentials

If you’ve been watching my videos on YouTube for the past few years (!), most, if not all, involve the use of several of these effects in every project! Development on these plugins began in early 2016 and have been being expanded all along. They are great fun to use! And the best part is: when you’ve got it down just like you like it — you can create an Effects Preset to save all the work for use in any other clip!

The bundled collection contains all of SC KeyFX, Highlighter, SC Video Fixers, S•C Retimer, and Grid. Everybody should have a decent grid, not only to use to line up things — but as an artistic addition ;).


A simple effect you can do in FCPX

Using the Buffied or Rebuffed fonts, this is a simple technique to create “bleeding text”. One approach uses Basic Titles and the other uses Highlighter effects.

Links to the fonts are in the video description. Other similar fonts should work as well!

Have fun!

Happy Halloween!

SC Video Fixers

It’s amazing how far video can be stretched! Cameras have a “plane” that is imposed on a scene and if it’s slightly off-angle, there will be distortion.

These effects can be used to correct the focal plane in an image and take some of the curvature out when wide angle lenses are used.

Get them here.

Seeing is believing:

scKey Sharpen is just one effect included with SC KeyFX. It’s not even one of the Core effects — it is a support effect — and yet, it is incredibly powerful.

Digital cameras have a filter that removes moiré effects resulting in a softened, kind of faded appearance, especially if you have the camera set up with the recommendation of a medium contrast (fix it in software… or post, as they say.) The resulting image is never exactly as you remember it.

scKey Sharpen restores the clarity and depth of color you remember, quickly and easily. The three main blend modes are Overlay, Soft Light and Color Burn. Save these as Effect Presets for a simple double click restoration for your footage.


In focus:

SC KeyFX - amazing tools for FCPX
Highlighter Feature 1
Highlighter 2
Annotation Marks header
Annotation Marks