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*Did You Know?

You can add as many effects as you like. You can even reorder them whenever you like.

Simply click and drag on the Effect’s titlebar to move it in the direction of the reordering. As you move the effect, FCPX will begin to shuffle the other effects to make a space for the placing.
If you’re moving an effect to the beginning or the end of an extended list of effects, drag your effect up to the top Effects Bar near the lower edge and hold the mouse, all the other effects will begin to scroll. Moving the cursor up a pixel or two to change the rate of the scroll.
When going down the Effects list, drag the effect to be moved down and position the cursor about 2 parameter lines above the Save Effects Preset bar. The downward scrolling should begin. Moving the cursor a few more pixels downward should increase the scroll speed. If going all the way to the bottom, there should be a gap large enough to place the moved effect.
How cool is that?
Now, you may be asking yourself: “Why would I want to do that?”  Well, If you’re using an effect like Highlighter 2, there’s a possibility you could be adding many different pieces of the collection onto a clip. Take for example, the Highlighter – Fan Out effects preset. There are six different highlighter colors used and seven highlighter transforms used for a total of 13 effects. If you add all the highlighter shape effects first, then the transforms, you will need to move all those transforms to in between all the other shape effects (with two at the end). You can shuffle effects to change the color order as well.
Effects are ordered lowest to highest in layer order in a top to bottom arrangement in Final Cut. An effect at the top of the Effects column is beneath all other added effects and on top of the actual clip media (be that image/video, text or generator).
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Brand new:

Placeholder Figures

The Placeholder generator is a great way to storyboard but it is limited to None to Five characters in any one scene. With Placeholder Figures font, you can add as many as you like with infinite resolution.
Thirty three figures, ten from Placeholder, 23 from Motion. Simply type them out, size and arrange them like text. The original Placeholder characters are set up to be typed in order from 0 – 9. They will fill a default space. The same characters can by added by typing Option-# to place *zero-width* versions. Simply apply the Tracking control to spread them out. Kerning and space characters can be used to create variations in the spacing. The rest of the characters (23 from motion) can be typed by using characters A-W or a-w. These versions all have the same space as if it were a monospaced font.To mix the two, add spaces and or kerning with the Option-# zero-width characters.
If used with an effect that supports text, like Annotation Marks > Annotate, then you can design effects presets for multiple scenes and apply them to any clip, even the Placeholder generator itself!
Placeholder scene colorized with Highlighter

Seeing is believing:

scKey Sharpen is just one effect included with SC KeyFX. It’s not even one of the Core effects — it is a support effect — and yet, it is incredibly powerful.

Digital cameras have a filter that removes moiré effects resulting in a softened, kind of faded appearance, especially if you have the camera set up with the recommendation of a medium contrast (fix it in software… or post, as they say.) The resulting image is never exactly as you remember it.

scKey Sharpen restores the clarity and depth of color you remember, quickly and easily. The three main blend modes are Overlay, Soft Light and Color Burn. Save these as Effect Presets for a simple double click restoration for your footage.


In focus:

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Highlighter Feature 1
Highlighter 2
Annotation Marks header
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