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Cartooner - 8 years along

I deeply appreciate the free clips from Pond5; the quality and variety. They allow me an invaluable resource for effects development — clips I would never have access to otherwise. With each clip I download, I spend time looking at it and asking myself: What else can I get out of this?

This week’s free clip is called “Boho Chic”. It inspired me brush off an old effect I’ve been working on (on and off) since July 2011 (about one month after the release of Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.) It’s not finished, but I feel I am getting closer. Here’s the result of my latest work:


This effect still needs a decent amount of bandwidth, but this clip was encoded at just under 10Mbps and it turned out relatively decent. If you create a 60fps clip for YouTube, you have up to 12Mbps for your clip before they’ll commandeer your upload and re-encode it with their encoders (and it will look like…)