Mixing OSCs with Text in FCPX — An Update

OSCs. OnScreen Controls.

Before FCPX 10.0.6 (10/23/2012), using OSCs in a Title with Text was not a problem. As long as there was access to the control point, it could be “grabbed”. After 10.0.6 came out, this changed. Text objects took complete precedence and any OSC within the “bounds” of the text could not be accessed without moving the text out of the way or by changing its position parameter in the Title’s inspector.

When dealing with objects in the FCPX Viewer, in general, the cursor is a Select Tool. As it turns out, all the other tools that can be used in the Storyline can also be used in the Viewer. With the exception of the Zoom tool (type Z), ANY OTHER TOOL can be selected for use to gain access to an OSCs control point whether it is behind a Text’s bounding rectangle or not. Alternating from A (Select) to, say, R (Range Select) allows you to toggle between text selection and OSC selection. Other acceptable tools are: (T) Trim, (B) Blade, (P) Position and (H) Hand. Position and Hand cursors will actually change in the Viewer, the others will remain a regular arrow (select) cursor.