Highlighter – Responsive


Highlighter Responsive is an Effects Preset that requires the Highlighter 2 set of effects, FCPX 10.4.6 or higher.

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Highlighter - Responsive Effects Preset

Provided as a tutorial in the use of Highlighter Effects.

Built with Highlighter!

As always, the contents of the title is the lowest layer before any effects are applied. For this preset it is best to align the text with the exact center of the screen. Normally, the text’s baseline is aligned with the horizontal center guide. Click and drag down on the text to snap the vertical center of the text with the horizontal guide.

This preset uses the simpler Highlighter Scale Rotate effect. It consists of the following arrangement of effects:

Highlighter 2 use as the yellow button effect.

A second Highlighter 2 is the blue color with the opacity set to 68% (it becomes somewhat purple with the magenta color behind it.) This layer is in this position because it moves the same as the button effect and text. The size is set to cover the full screen. The Blend Mode is set to Behind (effects added later using Behind blend will actually go behind this layer!)

Highlighter Spark follows – set up and positioned over the top right corner of the yellow button.

Highlighter Scale Rotate is the next added effect. It controls the animation of the previous three effects plus the Text. In reality, this layer was added after all the others and dragged up into this position. Keyframing is done when the total effect is assembled.

The Magenta slide is added by another Highlighter 2 next. With the Blend Mode set to Behind, it appears behind the earlier applied blue slide. Its opacity is set to 75%. Its size is also set to cover the entire screen.

The next layer is another Highlighter Scale Rotate. This effect will control the first stage of the animation. The previous HSR effect will control the second stage.

The final Highlighter 2 effect is used to isolate the effect to any size rectangle you want. The Outline of this shape is turned on. To turn this into a full screen effect all you need to do is turn off this element.

Highlighter effects are extremely lightweight and can be applied many times to a single clip to create the effect you want.


See the demo videos below:

More Info about Effects Presets

Effects Presets are not like most other Mac … “things” — they are hard-coded to find the Effects they use from specific Categories. If those effects are moved from those locations, effects presets fail! In order to use our Highlighter Effects Presets in Final Cut Pro, you must either install the Highlighter effects in a Category named: FCPXTemplates (case sensitive) or use the following method to change its dependence on the Highlighter installation location to the category that you chose to install them into:

  • Open the Highlighter – _____.effectsPreset file in TextWrangler or BBEdit (TextEdit is not suitable)
  • Type Command-F to open the Find/Replace dialog
  • In Find, type FCPXTemplates
  • In Replace, type the name of the category you placed the Highlighter effects in (case sensitive)
  • Click the Replace All button
  • Save

TextWrangler has been abandoned, although it still works if you have it. BBEdit is available as a Free Download from BareBones.com (or the App Store) and you can use it for free forever as long as  you don’t sign up for the in-app purchases. It’s good to have around.

Installing Effects Presets:

The path to install an Effects Preset is the same for *all* presets:

YourSystemDrive/Users/yourHomeFolder/Library/Application Support/ProApps/Effects Presets/

— no categories to mess with 😉

Highlighter User Guide: Highlighter 2 Effects bundle for FCPX

A Graphics Engine for FCPX


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