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Difference Slider


Difference Slider is a Reveal effect. Simply drag the text on screen to the position you want, apply slide animation if desired. Text is revealed by a “Difference” blend mode.

Difference Slider requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher (may be backdated to 10.4.0).

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Difference Slider Title

Most animation options are available without keyframing. Keyframing is not recommended!

This title utilizes a white color that passes over white text with a blend mode of Difference to create black on the slide-over.

The black and white colors can be colorized to anything you like in the Colorize section.

Drop Shadow should be self evident.

Font options are provided for convenience, however, when the text object is selected in the Viewer, you will be sent to the Text Inspector where you will have access to all text attributes.

By default, the text object will have a black background but it can be removed with the Remove Background option.

The Start X Offset is used to set a “slide from” position of the text. -100 or +100 should be offscreen, but the distance travelled will be determined by the aspect ratio of the project.

Difference Size allows you to set the size of the white color slide-over to anything you like. This can be used to create a 1-pixel cursor effect or completely cover the text in a “flash” effect.

Timings for the text “wipe on/off” are set with Start Reveal In, End Reveal In, Start Erase, End Erase and timing for the slide by Slide Start and Slide End.

There is no “slide out” – the title is simply erased.



Installation Instructions.

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