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Scroll This


Scroll This! will scroll any content, media, title or generator by exactly one screen based on the aspect ratio of the content (not the project unless applied to an adjustment or clone layer.) Can be used with any other effects and recommended for AutoCrop and Draw Mask Art Supplies, among many others!

Requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.10 or higher.

Scroll This!

Scroll any aspect ratio one screen at a time

Simple to use. Choose your In and Out directions. Scroll This! will scroll to center screen from your chosen direction, then pivot to the out direction.

Default setup is a smooth scroll upwards.

scroll this parameters

Not so simple: creating a single template that works automatically with any sized media.

Included with this plugin is Scroll This! Marker. It looks like a progress bar, but designed to assist in aligning overlapping clips to make continuous, multi-screen scroll effects.

Did you know that if you move a clip over a clip with the Marker effect that the marker displays the point at which the clip connection is ON the clip with the marker?

The Marker displays the clip time as % of the length of the clip.

Clip synchronization is best accomplished with equal length clips.

Scroll This! can be used to slide a clip in from one of the edges to full (or center) screen, then slide out. The scroll effect can also be used in only one or the other direction by setting both “ins” to 0 or both “outs” to 100.

Scroll text in perfect sync by making the title the same length as the clip, add Scroll This! to the title as well and matching all the parameters.

Scrolling from corner to corner can be accomplished by adding a second Scroll This! effect and setting the directions accordingly. For example, from bottom left to top right, set the first Scroll This In Direction to Up and the second Scroll This! parameter to Right.

Timings may be overlapped.

In the demo below, the first part is 6 clips with AutoCrop applied and Titles matched all set to the same time length. Every other clip is overlapped to the 50% point of the clip before it.

In the second part, the credits have AutoCrop applied for the shape along with a Fill Color (scKey Fill), a Draw Mask – Inner Shadow and the Scroll This! set up in different directions for the two text examples.

The four top videos are all the same length, but since two of the scrolls are horizontal and two vertical, their timings were adjusted so that their entrances and exits were synchronized.

Scroll This! can be used in combination with *any other* plugin effects you have!


Installation Instructions.

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