AutoCrop automatically centers content within crop boundaries. Options to scale and pan as well as adding a border and sharpening available. Perfect for “talking heads”!

Includes a “Title Fixer” for this effect. Both to be installed as Effects.

Requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.10 (may be backdated to 10.4).


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AutoCrop - Custom Layouts - Custom Reveals

AutoCrop will save you time.

Build custom layouts, reveals or transitions quickly and easily.

The clip content automatically aligns itself with the center of the cropped boundaries!


Built in Sharpener (just in case scaled media looks too soft — or to simply improve/”clean” your video clips).

AutoScale the clip to conform to the horizontal or vertical dimension of the crop.

Scale override.

Controls to Pan Horizontally or Vertically to realign a clip.

Add Roundness to cropped clip corners.

Add a Border with an optional Inset feature.

Show/Hide the OnScreen Controls.

Works with any aspect ratio clip*.

Title Fixer included to use with Titles with no background (like Basic Title). This will keep the text from “infinitely” repeating across the screen.

*If you’re mixing media in a project, for example: Vertical Video in a horizontal project, create a compound clip of the vertical video IF you need to move the crop layout *outside* its normal clip boundaries (this is a well-known “problem” in Final Cut Pro).

If working with only an “odd-aspect” clip, applying AutoCrop to an Adjustment Layer may suffice.


Installation Instructions.

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