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SC Wipes Collection


SC Wipes Collection of six wipe transitions that are designed for different aspect ratios with compatibility on all processors. In other words: 100% Apple Motion design. No external programming.

Compatible with Final Cut Pro X 10.4.10 or higher. May be backdated to v.10.4.0.

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SC Wipes Collection

From 9:16 to 4:1 aspects and beyond, these transitions just work.

The six Wipe Transitions:
  • Angle Wipe
  • Clock Wipe
  • Color Wipe
  • Custom Inset Wipe
  • Interlace Wipe
  • Split Wipe

Angle Wipe is the classic screen wipe a la Star Wars.

The Color Wipe starts on the designated edge of the project and animates to just past the other edge wether the width is 608 pixels or 5000 pixels and the color “bar” can be resized to any dimension you like.

Create extended wipes to “solid color” or gradient (see demo) and always finish the wipe exactly right.

The Split Wipe allows for “edge bars” — a complement to Color Wipe if they need to be used together. Split Wipe includes a center “inset” wipe (another crossover).

Custom Inset Wipe allows you to place the starting point of the wipe just about anywhere! Inside OR outside of the project “frame”. The wipe can be inverted so that incoming content can either be inside or outside the wipe area.

Interlace Wipe has the widest diversity for element sizes, from 3 sliding bars to 99 interlacing bars. For most options, animations can be randomized, or there is conformity if neatness is required!

Clock Wipe was included to complete the set. It is always center-centric unlike the Clock Wipe that comes with Final Cut. This one is slightly easier to use and has Easing, plus you can keyframe the Rotation (Angle) in any direction (simulating the passage of hours).

All of these are very easy to use and have very few parameters. They all have an “Easing” option if required.

Although there are already similar wipe transitions that come with Final Cut, some of these were added for completeness.

Included with the download is “Clone Layer” (generally referred to as an “adjustment layer”).

Some of the transitions rely on a storyline source clip to function. In situations where you want to transition from black, use Clone Layer or the Solid Color generator. Transitioning “out” will not involve the same issue.


Installation Instructions.

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