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Pixar Textures for Final Cut Pro

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Pixar Textures is a “fill” Effect for Final Cut Pro which can be used to blend textures as an overlay or used as a Title background (or background for any provided alpha/transparency).

Pixar Textures requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.10 or higher, but may be backdated to 10.4.0.

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Pixar Textures - 258 ways to fill a scene

Two effects are included: Pixar Textures 1 (128) and Pixar Textures 2 (130). Please see the license that accompanies the download for details about the actual texture images (you are free to use the images for any other purpose you like — they are licensed as CC by 4.0 for use.)

About the Effects

Both versions are virtually identical except for the textures used. There are 258 total texture variations corresponding to Pixar One Twenty Eight and Pixar One Thirty textures. These textures are originally in TIFF format and have been converted to JPG for these effects (much lighter weight!) According to the licensing by Pixar, you are free to use the JPG images (located inside each effect’s Media folder) for any purpose you like — even commercially!)

Please watch the video below for how to use these effects on clips in Final Cut.

The effects have built in tools to handle Transforms, Drop Shadow, Blend Modes and recoloring the textures (color grading) so that they may be refashioned to suit your needs.

Note: some aspect ratios (like 9:16 or “vertical video”) may show “seams” at the edges of the textures. Controls  to *Fix Seam H* (horizontal) and *Fix Seam V* (vertical) are included to remove this type of artifact. The seam is visible in the vertical video segment of the video below — however, in the demo, it wasn’t really necessary to fix the seam.

Other than that, these effects are simple to use and can be very effective, not only for color replacement (like green screen, or any solid area) but also as Title backgrounds.


Installation Instructions.

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