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Sliding Panes


Sliding Panes has a complete feature set for animation and “glass pane” customization. Specially built to accommodate vertical video and any aspect ratio up to about 10:1.

Requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.10 or higher (may be backdated to 10.4).

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Sliding Panes of Glass effect

This effect is somewhat different than the effect achieved by The Box. The panes are the background video/media scaled to give some appearance of magnification.

Jenn Jager did a tutorial on how to create a Glass Panes effect if you’d like to try and do this yourself.

That said, this version was not created using the same method.

1) Sliding Panes uses no keyframes.

2) Timing can be controlled with separate starting and ending times (in percent of length of clip). 

Keyframed effects always forces animation to begin at the same point and run for the same length of time with very little option to customize.

3) This effect allows you to customize the angle, the pane widths, the amount of magnification (for both upper and “under” panes separately).

Variable timing allows the application of more than one effect per clip for interesting sliding pane designs.

A Time Guide has been provided with this effect so that precision timing settings can be made. The time guide displays the % of the clip at which the playhead sits.

If allowed to play for 100% of the length of the clip, the panes are will still completely exit the scene, exactly, regardless of the aspect ratio of the clip (up to about 10:1 aspect ratio and down to 9:16 vertical aspect clips.)


Installation Instructions.

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