Martian War Machine Model


This generator requires FCPX 10.4.8 or higher but can be backdated to 10.3. Installation of a required font (supplied) will also be necessary. This is a large download due to the sound effects provided.


Martian War Machine

Created as a generator for FCPX

The Martial War Machine Model is an homage to Al Nozaki, creator of the spaceship design for the original War of the Worlds movie from 1953. This model is not an exact duplicate (due to limitations with Motion) — just as well. This is a “cheesy” effect worthy of early 1950’s sci-fi!

The demo video below used scKeyer (formerly: QuickMask, part of SC KeyFX) to insert the model into the stock footage.

Animation resources: Position/Rotation/Scale; angle of neck/head – “eye” can target positions on the ground; left/right angle of neck/head which can be automated to look back and forth with “starting angle” selectable. Firing animation: Weapons Fire (keyframe for on and off changes) and Frequency. Weapons fire is set up as a slider to make it keyframable — the 50% mark is the point at which it turns on.

Martian War Machine sound effects (included in the download) were created in Apple Logic Pro X with Native Instruments Reaktor instruments (Reaktor Blocks Wired: Lumikko) which includes the “drone” sound and the weapons fire sound effect. One of the sounds was further distorted by filters added in FCPX. You can find resampled sound effects videos on YouTube — just search: War of the Worlds 1953 Sound FX.

This model requires installing ZZSCMarWarMacReg.ttf font in Font Book. It will be necessary to restart FCPX if it is running in order to use the generator.

This model was recently updated, so it will require FCPX 10.4.8 or higher but it can be backdated to version 10.3.


Installation Instructions.

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