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Season’s Greetings 2019


3D Holiday animated ornaments plus a font with snowflake patterns!

Requires installing the provided font. Requires Final Cut Pro X 10.4.8 or higher (may be backdated to 10.4). On sale until 1/1/20.

Season’s Greetings 2019

A Generator for FCPX

Season’s Greetings 2019 is a simple generator featuring four 3D ornaments that are pre-animated. You have the option to change the colors of the individual ornaments, the snowflake pattern on the ornaments, change the text (you will need to use the Text Inspector Size parameter to correctly fill the curved line for the text) and the option to turn off the “starry” background, although it is recommended that this generator be placed on a dark background (use a Hue/Saturation on the background media and turn down the Value). If you keep the starry background, you can randomize the star pattern.

3D model ornaments with snowflake patterns are built with a font provided with the download (see font license.) You may use the font for other purposes as well.

The main feature of this generator is that you can set the time when the text appears and when it finishes writing on in terms of % of length of clip. For example, you want the text to begin appearing halfway through the generator: set the Write On Start % parameter to 50%. If you want the text to be finished writing on by 75%, then just set that as the end value.  The default values are 70 and 74%.

You have access to all text options in the Text inspector. The default font is Edwardian Script (installed with FCPX), but you can use any fonts you have installed. Text is styled as 3D with a “Snow” texture.

Ornaments are transparent and “lighted” with their chosen color. You will see the snowflake patterns on the opposite side of the ornament.

Honestly, wouldn't you spend as much for a “classic” greeting card?

Plus, you get a nice font with 21 different snowflake designs you can use forever in the deal.


Installation Instructions.

Keep up to date with Sight-Creations on Twitter.

Install the provided font with Font Book. It is recommended that you
create a Collection for your special fonts used for specific purposes,
but this is optional.