Progress % of Clip


Compatible with FCPX 10.4.8 and higher. Can be backdated to 10.3.


Progress % of Clip

It's a tool for animation and a progress bar!

Progress % of Clip effect is designed to be used as a tool, then turned off again when finished. Follow along in the scene and when you get to the point you want to turn on whatever, you have the value to use — you don’t have to use trial and error. However, this effect can still be used as a simple progress bar indicator with options to customize its appearance.

More and more effects by sight-creations are beginning to have the timing of parameters designed in terms of percent of the length of the clip the effect is applied to. This makes more sense and it is generally easy to guestimate clip percentages.

The types of parameters that are using clip length percentage are: turning on and off opacities to show or hide elements, specifying the length of fade ins and fade outs. S.C. Retimer uses a similar mechanism with its Playhead parameter. Many of these percent of clip parameters are used in Highlighter and Annotation Marks which allows the timing of the write-on for text.

This tool will help you rapidly and visually navigate a clip when designing your timing functions. Know exactly when to start an action, and how long you want or need to carry it out before turning it off.

Begin by applying it to any kind of clip (except transitions, which are not allowed). It doesn’t matter how long the clip is, the effect is always accurate.

Accuracy is based on a zero to the number of frames minus 1. The highest value is always going to be one frame short of 100%. A “precision” parameter has been supplied to make this effect go to 100% if desired. Just realize that this introduces a slight error throughout the range since you are forcing the effect to count the number of frames plus 1 in a clip. Since the precision value scales from 0 to its final value, frames at the end of the clip will display more error than earlier frames.

There are various parameters to control the look and feel of this effect, from the color of all its parts, to the width, height, position, positioning of the displayed number value, etc.

There is a feature that can be turned on called Follow Indicator which will have the percent value follow (or lead) the indicator over time, if desired. Another parameter to allow you to fine tune the offset from the indicator line.

One of the major features of Progress % of Clip is the Indicator Expansion feature. The indicator line at the lead of the color bar can have its width adjusted to create ranges.

The Indicator Expansion parameter is also in Percent of clip. For example, if you are turning on an item in an effect that uses percent timing, you can use the expansion and the ruler to see at which point to turn it back off again. Let’s say you’re turning on some text at 25% into the clip and you want to turn it off 18% of the clip later. Set the Indicator Expansion to 18 and use the ruler to in the bar to show at which percent to turn it back off again.

Progress % of Clip is a different effect with a different intent than Progress Plus.

[There is no video for this effect (yet)]

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