Intertitle 3 User Guide

Intertitle 3

An Art Deco Silver Screen Silent Era Retro Device

Intertitle 2 has been updated to Intertitle 3. A minor issue was repaired and two new corner designs were added (see product page.)

Intertitle 3 has been designed as an FCPX generator. It includes the ability to display an image or a video clip in the card’s texture. There are two separate text items, one for a “production” title and the other (“dialog”) as a formattable text edit field. Both text items have the full accessibility to the Text Inspector controls. For the dialog text, there is also an option to Shrink the text to the boundaries of the Text Edit onscreen control. Included is also an optional separator/divider.

There are four main sections of the parameters available for this plugin. The first section deals with the Drop Zone. The second section deals with the features of the title “card”. The third section deals with the text items and the last section are card “globals” for optional animation.


Intertitle 2 Parameters
Intertitle 3 Parameters

Intertitle 3 Generator product page.