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Touch Of Class User Guide

Title for FCPX 10.3+

by Sight-Creations (F•X Mahoney)

By default, ToC is a simple labelling title with enough flexibility to be a full view title or a lower third.

A blurred background label type title with a high level of customization.

All non-option parameters can be keyframed!

Position (for animation)

Fade (A convenience to avoid using the Video Animation tool).

Font (default: Helvetica Neue)

Size (default: 48)

Color (text color: default white)

Text Vertical Adj (Different fonts have different ascents/descents. Vertical adjustment will be necessary if you change fonts. You can also use this parameter to adjust the text relative to the background label “tape”).

Text Horiz Adj (As with Text Vertical Adj., it is possible to adjust the horizontal position of the text relative to the label tape with the center text position at 0).

Label Width Adj (You can adjust the width of the label tape to any size from 0 to beyond the size of the screen, suitable for creating a lower third).

Label Height Adj (You can adjust the height of the label tape to any size from 0 to beyond the size of the screen, suitable for creating an entire blurred background).

Label Brightness (Improve contrast with your text by adjusting this parameter).

Label Blur Amount (Blur the background behind the label tape from 0 [no blur] to 100).

Tint Option (Checkbox to turn on Tinting).

Tint Color (Used to colorize the background label tape).

Tint Intensity (Used to adjust the amount to coloring applied by the Tint).

Touch of Class Option (Adjustable outline inside or outside blurred label tape region, adjustable from 0 to larger than the screen region).

Outline Color (The outline is a tasteful (touch of class) 1 px width, not adjustable — the color can be used to complement the title text color).

Outline Opacity (Blending with low opacity gives a beautifully subtle look).

Outline Offset (Adjustable in negative [inside the label tape region] and positive [outside the label tape region] directions).



What's new in Touch of Class 2023

Title for FCPX 10.4.10+

It is no longer necessary to readjust the position of mulitline texts within the effect’s bounds.

Font selection, Size, Alignment*, Line Spacing and Tracking are included in the parameter list.

*Alignment: It is now possible to adjust the text alignments for *multiline* texts inside the “box”.

Positioning is controlled with an OSC (small black “puck”) and location can now be keyframed if desired. It can be optionally hidden.

Positioning by dragging the text will no longer be available (cannot be keyframed anyway…)

A “feather” feature for the blur background is provided (does not affect the outline).

Roundness for the blur background and outline is provided.

Label Width and Label Height is replaced with Padding H and Padding V (essentially the same.)

Tint, Intensity, and Brightness has been replaced with a Color and Blend Mode combination.
New blend modes are: Normal, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Burn, Overlay, Vivid and Hard Mix!

Automated Fade with In Start, In End, Out Start and Out End – values in Percent of Length of Clip (Title).

There is a new fine tuning for Text Position inside the effect since not all fonts have the same character spacing specifications.

Timing and Font sections clearly separated for easy navigation.


Demo video:

Installation Instructions.

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