Title Tooner


Cartoon-ize any (one or two line) Title. Includes free cartoon title background Effect.

Requires FCPX 10.4.8 or higher. You may be able to backdate this title (and effect) to 10.4.0.

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Title Tooner - Toon it up!

Title Tooner is a little different than those you are used to. For one thing, you have to “tell” the title how many characters (including spaces) you are using. For example, if you use “My Cartooned Title”, you have to type in 18 for the Char. count parameter.

Due to the special way in which Title Tooner was created, most parameters *cannot* be keyframed to create animation. However, you can keyframe a “progression” of appearance. For example, every character a different color; the baseline can be adjusted over a span of characters (or character by character); and more!

There are a pair of OnScreen Controls that allow you to arrange the title on the screen. It’s a trip — you’ll love it!

Another feature you’ll love: you can choose from “puffy” characters or “squeezed” characters. It’s a great use of all those fonts you have that you can’t find just the right use for! You won’t recognize the original fonts after using this.

Included with this purchase!

A comic text background — this is an Effect that you add directly to Title Tooner (or a Basic Title, or any other title with no background.) It automatically appears behind the text of the title.

This effect has an OnScreen Control that allows you to distort its basic shape to fit the text and it can also be rotated on screen.

Title Tooner Background Effect

Title Tooner Parameters: