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Animate by Time


Animate by Time, not keyframes. These are transform effects on an accurate one minute timer.

Apply however many of these effects to any clip that you need.

Requires FCPX 10.4.8 or higher but may be backdated to 10.4.

Animate by Time and Save Time!

Absolute precision. No keyframing. Easy to change start/stop points. No messing around with the video animation editor. Add as many instances as you need to create complex animations. Layered effects are additive and can be overlapped!

There are eight effects included with this package. All of the effect’s names end with “by Time” which makes finding them and putting them altogether exceptionally easy with FCPX’ search facility.

Note: Fractional Frame Rates are no longer supported by Sight-Creations. They are obsolete. There is no longer any reason to use them for project delivery. They complicate timing issues (they’re irrational and cannot be accurately duplicated in the digital domain) and there is no longer any reason to have a separate chrominance signal. All the rest of this product description will relate to whole frame rates only and you and I can forget about that old 29.97 junk…

Note: Once media has been moved out of the bounds of the Viewer, it is cropped! It no longer exists! It’s been erased! Attempting to move it back into view with a subsequent effect results in a permanently cropped view of the media. One option is to cut the media and start with a new set of “by Time” effects.

In general: Use Start Offset positions off-screen to move it into view. Then, when using a second or third “by Time” effect, you will still have the entire uncropped view of the media available to animate.

All the Animate by Time effects are on a 1 minute timer. 99% of all clips will be less than that. The remaining 1% can be bladed into sections.

The Effects:

  1. Clip Time by Time — a utility effect that keeps precise time for all whole frame rate projects to assist in making timing decisions. Clip Time is in decimal seconds (accuracy up to 3 places) accompanied by your choice of frame count (all of which are accurate no matter which frame rate your project is using!)
  2. Color Fill By Time — This effect allows you to animate color change over your chosen time span. A selection of Blend Modes is also provided. This can be used with Effects Masks to interact with your clip content.
  3. Fade by Time — Fade In or Fade Out by precise time. Easing provided.
  4. Move by Time — Move To or From positions by precise time. Easing provided.
  5. Rotate by Time — Rotate XYZ by from and to around a provided “anchor point”. Easing provided.
  6. Scale All by Time — Scale All means XYZ together, from and to around an anchor point with easing provided.
  7. Scale X-Y by Time — Scale X and/or Y from and to around an anchor point with easing provided.
  8. Slant X-Y by Time — Slant (distort) X and/or Y from and to around an anchor point with easing provided.

These effects work on storyline and compound clips, Titles and Generators.

What's an anchor point?

If you were to draw a X-Y graph of an animation, the origin would pass through the Anchor point. The Anchor becomes the “zero-point” of your animation. Anchors are only used in Rotate, Scale All, Scale X-Y and Slant X-Y. It has no effect in Move, Fade and Color Fill.


Installation Instructions.

Keep up to date with Sight-Creations on Twitter.

A good place to see all of my effects as well as several tutorials and other demonstrations in use is on my YouTube channel.

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