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SC Black & White


Unlimited creative “looks”. Two effects can be combined any way you like and with any other effects as well.

These Effects require Final Cut Pro 10.4.10 or higher (may be backdated to 10.4.0).

Amazing creative potential

Black White Colorize

There is already a Black & White effect built into Final Cut Pro, but it is nothing like these two exceptionally powerful effects.

The images to the right show the extent of their controls — rather simple.

For SC Black & White, the first three represent levels. There is a “super black” (kind of in invention!)

Brightness and Contrast should be self-explanatory.

Add Noise doesn’t really make the image noisy! It’s a different kind of noise infused into the effect. It’s like another brightness but of a different kind!

There are two styles: Black & White and Filmic.

Filmic applies the effect so that the black and white is blended into the actual colors of the image.

The result of Filmic is reminiscent of the old Ektachrome films from the 50’s and 60’s! (See examples in the video below.)

SC Black & White parameters
SC Black & White Colorize parameters
The Colorize Version
 Noisiness is similar to the Noise control in Black & White. Threshold is basically a dividing line between light and shadow.
The Blend Mode is either Normal or Adjust Light, which, like Filmic, applies the previous settings to the lighting of the scene, and not the actual color pixels.
Adjust Light makes this effect capable of color balancing light and shadows separately… at the same time! (Among many other things!)
There are so many possibilities with either of these effects as well as the effects in combination with each other that they cannot be listed here.
Experiment! Explore!


Also known as SC Black White.
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