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Big X


Big X – show what’s wrong, then right it! Works in any aspect ratio.

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Big X - Sometimes you need to cross things out!

Big X features: automatic adaptability to ANY aspect ratio media — either on first application or even when copy/pasting across different aspect clips OR when applying as Effect Preset settings, so that when you apply a preset, regardless of the aspect ratio of the clip, the X will fit the media “frame”.

Solid lines or “marker” effect. Adjustable widths.

Several Blend Mode options including Mask and Cutout (Stencil Alpha/Silhouette Alpha).

Big X can be used on clips, images, generators or titles. The two lines can be drawn in any direction (a menu of 8 choices provided).

Draw On timing is completely customizable and NO keyframes!

As points of interest: both lines (vectors, not images) use the same single timing source to animate; and the OSC controlling X layout can be used from any direction and the draw on options will always work as designed.

If you’re left-handed or right-handed, prefer drawing from top or the bottom, you can set this effect up for your own convenience (as Effects Presets).



Installation Instructions.

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