Sliding Thirds


Sliding Thirds requires Final Cut Pro 10.4 or higher; designed for 16:9 media only. User Guide.



Sliding Thirds Title

Utility Animation

This Title is a utility animation effect employing the ever popular “responsive” animation effect. Panels and video animate at different rates. For use with social media contacts; informational lower, upper or side thirds; television advertising.

This Title contains no text. It is designed so that you can supply any other title effect and apply it to a 1/3 region of the screen. Excellent for television advertisement, lower/upper thirds, even “left/right” thirds. Use from none to 4 sliding panels. Choose how much to offset the storyline video (50% will center video into its new view region). Timing is always consistent with the option to forego animation altogether via Animate Intro/Outro options.


For more information, please see the User Guide.

Sliding Thirds User Guide


Installation Instructions.

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