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Space Shapes Font + Bonus Material


Final Cut Pro X 10.3+, Motion 5.3+ required to use the font for 3D modeling. Final Cut Pro X 10.4/Motion 5.4 required to use the bonus materials. A minimum of 1GB of vRAM (graphics card) required.

Space Shapes Font

Includes bonus materials: a 3D Modeling Starter Kit

Space Shapes is a collection of shapes that can facilitate creating “flying machines” and space ships, everything from flying wings to flying saucers.

The bonus materials are some models that were built with this font. The video below displays a demo of these models. The Base Station was built with a single character! The zero character duplicated by sections and shaped accordingly.

Sight-Creations, is not associated with CBS Studios/Paramount Pictures in any way. Bonus materials provided by Fox Mahoney/Sight-Creations are intended as educational/instructional materials for 3D modeling in Apple Motion as well as their application in Final Cut Pro X.

These models demonstrate advanced concepts of creating textures (including animated textures) in place, applying those textures, model assembly, use of 3D Text features applied to shapes (including the use of Sequence Text to apply inverse contours), the use of (glow) filters in a 3D environment, publishing models for use in Final Cut, and applying 3D text elements for use as OnScreen Controls within Final Cut Pro X.

These models are a microcosm of advanced techniques not found in any documentation. Please see: for specific information about your “public” use of bonus materials.


Bonus materials: Starship 1, Starship 2, Base Station, Communicator, Planet, Moon 2.1,  and Starry Background.

Note: Starship 1 uses a non-standard (free for commercial use) Mac font “Airborne” available here: Install this font before opening the model project or in Final Cut. It is used for the NCC-1701 text in the model. You are free to use any font you like (but you’ll need to edit its placement in the model in Apple Motion 5.4 or higher.)

Note: complex models may take considerable time to render. A variety of models provided to cover a spectrum of complexity. Starship 2 and Base Station will take the longest. Starship 1 is much simpler and renders in a reasonable amount to time. Facilitate rendering by turning off the starry backgrounds built into the generators and use the accessory Starry Background generator instead, or if combining more than one model in a scene.

Don’t have Final Cut Pro X 10.4 or Motion 5.4? Try using this technique to backdate projects: . Do not try to backdate before Final Cut Pro 10.3 or Motion 5.3!

Demo of Bonus Materials:

Space Shapes Font