Waving Flag 2.1


Compatible with FCPX 10.1.2 or later


Waving Flag 2.1

Waving Flag 2.1 features include “furls” with keyframable variance, speed and “boost”. Wrinkled look. Can be used to “transition” video to a flag and back to full frame.

Redesigned from the original to address problems with the previous drop zone and the automatically turned on effect of cropping that is always applied.

The “aspect ratio” of the American Flag (used as the default drop zone) is 1:1.9. In terms of 1080 HD, the dimensions of the flag are: 1920 by 1010. That means 35 pixels will be trimmed off the top and bottom of any replacement media used in the drop zone. Any flag images used to replace the US Flag should have the same aspect ratio/dimensions in order to properly fit the region.

The US Flag image was designed in Motion. It is available for your use with this template. It is subject to the same licensing restrictions as the template itself (license details accompany the template in the .zip download.)

Installation Instructions.

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