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Clip Timeline


Clip Timeline adds accurately timed sequential thumbnails of your clips — the whole clip’s action at one glance. Can be used as an editing assistant, or just for show!

Requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher.

Clip Timeline - The whole clip at a glance!

Clip Timeline can be used as an editing assist, or as part of your clip for visual effect.


Parameter options

Discreet frames will separate each thumbnail and reveal the background “Track”.  The track’s color can be set with Track Color and Track Opacity.

Contrast and Pivot work together and can be used to improve the appearance of the thumbnail images.

PanH and PanV can be used to reposition content in the thumbnails. These can be “keyframed” to progress the thumbnail images from frame to frame (*explanation follows).

There is a background Track and over that track, behind the thumbnails is an “Indicator” which typically appears as a frame-width bar over the timeline.

An optional Playhead Marker will place a bar, the same color as the indicator, over the timeline at the current playhead position (over the clip).


Clip Timeline - parameters

Adjust Height and V Position can be used to “squeeze” the thumbnails vertically and position the timeline over the actual clip (example in the 9:16 example below).

Other features


It is possible to reposition the clip content with PanH and PanV. Dragging PanH left will move the image left, panning right in the opposite direction. PanV moves down by left and up by right slide.

Panning can be keyframed so that each thumbnail is repositioned. Since the “clip” is not live motion, then it appears as each frame is a still (as it should be!)

The effect of editing on Clip Timeline

When editing (trimming) clips, Clip Timeline will be updated to show the state of the new shorter clip. If you blade the clip, you might have to update Clip Timeline by moving the playhead back and forth over the clip or moving the PanH control. Using Option-[ and Option-] to trim clips in real time will immediately update Clip Timeline.


Clip Timeline - beach scene
Clip Timeline has a background track with a white "block" that indicates the current play position.
Clip Timeline - samurai - discreet frames
Clip Timeline applied to a 1.896:1 aspect clip. White bar indicates playhead location. Shows pale cyan "track" with "Discreet Frames".
Clip Timeline - 2.44:1 aspect
The appearance of Clip Timeline in a 2.44:1 clip - automatically matches and fills the width.
Clip Timeline - samurai
Shows Clip Timeline applied to a 9:16 clip (bottom) as well as its appearance when applied to an adjustment layer (Title) is a 16:9 project.

Installation Instructions.

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