Vibration is to be installed as an Effect and requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher. May be backdated to 10.4.

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Vibration — Add excitement to your content

Created as an add-on for the Laser Split transition (by request) to add an extra level of excitement to the laser effect.

Effects cannot be added to transitions so this effect has built in timing capability and can be precisely timed to react when needed.

Vibration can be used in video, images, generators and titles.

As an effect, Vibration has access to Effects Masks (available from the top label bar on the right side). Using a Shape Mask is very effect in highlighting a character or a phrase within your text for emphasis!

Other features:

A built in playhead position indicator (in % of clip length) to assist in precision timing of the effect.

There are three “axes” of vibration: X-Y (independently or linked), Z (position or zoom), and Rotation (Z axis). Each of these can be controlled separately.

There is a “Center Point” (Anchor Point) that can be positioned to set the “focus” of vibration. This focal point has an OnScreen Control for easy, fast positioning as well as parameters that can be keyframed for tracking.

There is an option to keep the “still” background with the vibration layer.

For full size video or images, there is a Feather control to help blend the image if it is used with the still background. There is also a Roundness control to vignette the corners of the feather.




Installation Instructions.

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