Analog Clock


Converted to an Effect. Requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher. May be backdated to 10.4.

Want to build this yourself? Check out our tutorial here.

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Analog Clock Effect for Final Cut Pro

Analog Clock has been retooled and updated to be an effect.

Add it to clips, titles or generators. Customize the look and save your own version as an Effects Preset.


Easy time entry in DD:HH:MM:SS format (days, hours, minutes, seconds). Use the same shortcuts as in the Playhead clock (e.g.: 1.2.3 for 01:02:03 – leaving out the days). Each piece of the time can be edited independently by double clicking the section and typing a value, or click and drag up or down to reset the value.

Time speeds from 1/60th to 60x (menu selections). 60x time speed can be used for Minutes: Seconds: frames (best at 60fps, but interpolation for other frame rates is easy enough).

Time direction: Forwards, Stopped or Backwards (via slider)

Optional circle background.

Drop Shadow.

Color options for hands, “ticks”, hours, and face. (Plus face opacity).


Rotation (X,Y and Z)

Hour number and Tick size adjustments.

Option to turn off second hand and an option to “tick” the seconds.

OnScreen Control for Position (keyframable).


Installation Instructions.

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