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Message Reveal


One Effect and two Titles. A 3D flip panel effect “kit”. Requires FCPX 10.4.10 or higher. May be backdated to 10.4.

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Message Reveal “kit”


Message Reveal is a two sided panel that rotates into and out of view. On the back side is the piece of the video or image clip it was applied to. No matter where this effect is placed in your scene, the backing always flips perfectly back into view and the effect is seamless.

The effect maintains a 3D appearance by providing depth with lighting and shadows in a “space” behind the storyline layer.

OnScreen Controls simplify placements.

The main feature of this kit is the Effect version. It allows you the most flexibility. It can be applied to clips, other titles or generators.

Panel flipping animation is keyframeless. Just set the start/end times (in % of clip length) for the In and Out animations.

There is a “blank” title to which you can apply the Effect version. The title provides you with onscreen information about the percentage of clip the playhead resides. This will help in setting the animation parameters.

There is also a Title version of Message Reveal (Message Reveal Title Asst). With this, you will have more control over the text you use, as in changing colors or fonts within the individual text objects, as well as access to Kerning, etc. (Tracking is provided in the parameters for both versions.)

The “blank” Title provides a solid color “fill” with opacity, as well as an accessory text object for use when designing infographics (for example, applying arrows or lines or icon shapes, etc.)

There are quite a lot of parameters available (it is a fully loaded designing kit). Spend time to design a custom appearance, then save it as an Effects Preset to be used, just like any other effect, in the future.

Loading an Effect Preset re-establishes all of the effects you saved. If you create a “credits” title as in the demo below. When applying the Effect Preset to the storyline clip, title or generator, then all of the effects you used to create the effect (*four* Message Reveals, in this case) is instantly applied to the new object.

It is recommended that you select Maintain Timing when you save the Effects Preset.

Note: The twitter “ident_card” text is created with a font like the one available here:

The icons are created outside of the regular character range so that regular text can be intermixed with icons. If you want to color the icon separately from the text, use the Title version of this effect. You can type regular text, but use Font Book to find, copy and paste the icon characters into your text.


The Title “assistant”:

The Message Reveal Title Asst title is included as a a “helper”.  It is what many would call an “adjustment layer” (a rather unfortunate moniker considering all the things for which it is capable).

The assistant title can overlay to a solid color with variable opacity. This can be use to “dim” the storyline and highlight the Message Reveal.

The assistant title can add more text outside of the reveal. Or! It can be used to place text “behind” an added Message Reveal *effect* (see demo: BUILD YOUR OWN!). The assistant also has keyframeless fade controls (also in % of clip length). There is a checkbox to turn on this option which is off by default.

The assistant also ALSO provides the “Percentage of clip” values that can be used with the automated Animation controls (In Start Time%/End Start Time%, etc.) There is a checkbox to turn on this option which is off by default.



Installation Instructions.

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