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Hinged CRT


This generator requires installing the supplied font (ZZSCCRT-Regular.ttf). This plugin requires FCPX 10.3.4 or higher.

Hinged CRT Generator Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

Inspired by the TV LiveFont from LiveType®

Features eight predefined animations similar to the original LiveFont with optional horizontal or vertical screen orientation and optional “turn” animations (direction can be reversed). Drop zone provided for video, image, title, generator, or compound clip composition. Accessory Position, Rotation, and Scale parameters that can be added to original predefined animations. Predefined animations are “builds” (Build In/Build Out) and can be toggled on or off. Prepare your generator for display and Blade through the middle to reverse the turn animation (with Change Direction checkbox).

Bad TV parameters: Waviness (glitchy), Roll, Static, etc., plus scanline customization — or simply turn the Bad TV features off for a straight-forward Drop Zone presentation.

User Guide:

This is a fun plugin to play with. Makes a PiP display look very realistic… and interesting!


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