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Then and Now


Downloaded version is for FCPX 10.4.8 or higher. This title can be backdated to 10.4.0.

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Then and Now - SC

Then and Now is timed for commentary about the state or condition of something in the past, then transitioning to the present (or future). The default timing is 16 seconds, but the title can be adjusted for longer or shorter segments.

The center piece (label) is the subject with more information as a second line.

The earlier time is animated in allowing time for a short introduction of the subject.
The later time is animated in about halfway through the discussion timing.

This title may be time stretched if longer commentary is necessary.

There are two invisible drop zones available for use or the title may be used as a standard Lower Third overlay. The drop zones are arranged in split screen format, Screen Left and Screen Right. Pan and Scale controls for each drop zone.

Installation Instructions.

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