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Mondrian Art


Purchase contains the latest two versions. Version 1.1 requires FCPX 10.4.3 or higher. Version 2 (“II”) requires FCPX 10.4.6 or higher.


Mondrian Art Title


Mondrian Art title card designer for Final Cut Pro X is an easy to use tool — just drag around the onscreen controls (color rectangles) to design your own Mondrian style design. The lines are always behind the color rectangles!

Mondrian designs have been used for a wide variety of products from fashion to furniture, from carpets to coffee mugs, and more! He was a genius and his work has been popular and appealing for more than a century.

With this title, you can hide the color swatches and keep their lines or you can hide the entire set of color swatch and line simplifying the complexity of your design. You have a full range of text control (via the text inspector). If you’re up to it, there are animation possibilities!

Installation instructions.

Watch this short tutorial and animation demo:


*Nov. 8, 2018 update: added an option for each set of design elements to extend the lines on all sides. Example:

Added feature: extended line option

*July 2019 update: Mondrian Art is updated to Mondrian Art II:

The major change being that the background color is now separate from the rest of the design. In previous versions, controlling the background opacity faded the entire design. For the special colorizing effect in the demo image above (Liberty Island), use the Compositing Blend Mode in the Effects inspector (here set to Overlay).

Minor changes:

  • The widths of the horizontal and vertical lines can be set separately.
  • The Mondrian Art design can be “skewed” (Slants — note the new product feature image).

Note: when using Slants, you will need to reposition the playhead to make all the shapes and lines refit together. This will automatically happen if you also hit Play.

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