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The Tower


The Tower is a recreation of the iDVD template Revolution.

Requires installation of the supplied custom font (ZZSCRevolutionParts.ttf).

Requires FCPX 10.4.3 or higher.

The Tower

A Generator for Final Cut Pro X

Remember the iDVD template Revolution? It's Back!

After 3 years of repeated attempts at development, rebuilt from scratch, it’s finally ready for prime time.  Crisp, clear and symmetrical (finally!) this is a beautiful full-featured generator that will give your “title cards” true 3D depth with perfectly curved drop zones around a translucent (or transparent) column of a color of your choice. Perfectly arranged text with dividers which can have their position refined. With tracking, text repeats can be dense or as sparse as two per “ring” (180º separation from each instance). You can be guaranteed to design the perfect display (remember to hold down the option key when dragging values for a refined adjustment!)

The use of Zingende gives this a beautiful Art Deco feel from the golden age of Hollywood cinematics. Zingende is provided will all copies of Final Cut Pro X and is available to all.


(Diamond denotes keyframable parameter)

3 preset animations [iDVD Revolution, Rise and Wipe + None for default]
static title opacity ♦︎
“effect” transparency ♦︎

Drop Zone pan and scale

Position ♦︎
Rotation ♦︎
Scale offset ♦︎

cylinder turn automated
cylinder core color ♦︎
brightness ♦︎
shininess ♦︎
opacity ♦︎

camera perspective ♦︎

text rings: 2 (large lower + smaller upper)
repeats (how many times text is repeated along the circle path) ♦︎ [not recommended]
spin  (auto animation rate of spin) ♦︎
tracking (distance between characters) ♦︎ offset (allows reposition of vertical bar separators w/r/t text) ♦︎
path radius (rigged fixed positive range 0 to 100%) ♦︎
offset angle (set starting angle or keyframe spin animation) ♦︎
v.offset (set vertical location w/r/t column or beyond) ♦︎

background: color + opacity ♦︎



Most parameters may be used to alter the preset animations (example: offset the vertical position of The Tower, scale, etc.)

Please see the User Guide for more details.

Installation Instructions.

Keep up to date with Sight-Creations on Twitter.

A good place to see all of my effects as well as several tutorials and other demonstrations in use is on my YouTube channel.