Matrix Code Rain


Matrix Code Rain has been rebuilt and improved to increase rendering speed. The update will require FCPX 10.4.10 or better but if necessary, it may be backdated to 10.4.0.

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Matrix Code Rain

Matrix Code Rain is a generator originally created in 2018. Back then the ten second generator would take about 30 minutes to render — the reason it wasn’t released.

Things have improved and I’ve even added several features!

The original design was a replicator (for those who know Motion) and the new design is an Emitter. As such, there are parameters for both a Birth Rate and another to Add Random “lines”.

There is a Speed adjustment from slow(er) to fast(er) plus the options for Constant speed, Easing, and Accelerate or Decelerate.

Randomizing the line arrangement.

Offset the Vertical placement, Left Bounds and Right Bounds.

Scaling (plus, the text is editable, so things like text Size and Tracking will be useful!)

Color can be changed.

The amount of Glint (glow) can be adjusted and you can randomize the characters separately from the lines arrangement.


Demo of the original project:

Installation Instructions.

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