Playoff Bracket


Playoff Bracket is a Title for Final Cut Pro requiring FCPX 10.4.10 or higher (may be backdated to 10.4.9 due to the use of a new feature.)

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Playoff Bracket — March Madness and Beyond!

Easier to use than it looks! Double click each question mark and type in the team information. FCPX changes to the Text inspector automatically, so if you need to tweak font size or other settings, it’s immediately available.

Show/Hide each round. Show/Hide by Division.

Customize Divisions as well as playoff “Level” (replace their names).

Customize the colors.

Use as an overlay to video/images.

Special OSC setup allows you to set an “Anchor Point” (center of scaling/rotation) as well as a fast Position OSC.

There are 127 active text objects so in order to use the OSCs, select another “Tool” than the Select Tool (keyboard shortcut – A). You can use B (blade), R (Range), T (Trim), H (hand) and P (Position).


Set up the overall look first, create a Compound Clip of the Title to save your work for later, then break apart and continue your adjustments.

Most available parameters can be keyframed for animations, including Position (Center) Position > Z (Z-space / zoom) , Anchor Point, Rotation (X,Y, & Z – dial down the disclosure triangle), Scale, Levels/Rounds columns, and Divisions.

Animating Colors (especially the Gradient parameters) is not recommended.



Installation Instructions.

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