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Like Badge Title


Uses 3D Text. Requires FCPX 10.3.4 or higher. Required fonts included (1 family, 4 style variations).

Like Badge title for Final Cut Pro X

Remind your viewers to like your video!


Title format for “low profile” on the storyline.

Value (start number | range 0 – 1000)
Add To Value (the number added to value – automatically animated to go from Value to Value + Add To Value)
Optional Thousands Separator (comma)
Curvature (Ease In/Out setting)
Start and End Offsets (delays before animating and the amount of time before the end of the title to end animating)
Skin Lightness (default 50% | range: very dark brown to very light beige/pink)
Variation (Number styles: semi-serif, roman, LED digital and LED digital “oblique” [slanted])
Width and Height adjustments for the background badge
Color options for Numbers, “Sleeve”, Cufflink, Background, and Border/Outline.
Drop Shadows.
Fade In/Out control.

Onscreen Control provided for easy positioning.

Like Badge Demo:

Installation Instructions.

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