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Lottery is two titles: Powerball and Mega Millions can be used to generate random picks or display winning numbers.

(The title used for labels is *not* part of this title. Only the number balls are displayed with this title. That’s why it’s priced so low!)

Requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.10 or higher (may be backdated to 10.3).

Lottery! Powerball and Mega Millions

Are you a player ? Or a presenter?

How randomization works:

There are two sets of numbers: the set numbered from 1 – 69 and the powerball numbers from 1 – 26.

Each set is Randomized — all numbers. What is shown on the screen is a “slice” of those numbers — five for the main set and one for the Powerball.

Each set can be further randomized by clicking the alternating arrow icon on the parameters labelled Rand.

Each set can be further randomized by choosing the slice into the random numbers generated.

Powerball - the parameters

For example, suppose the numbers generated were in order from 1 to 69. Choosing slice “10” would present the set starting with the number 10.

Displaying Winning #s

These numbers are a completely different set of numbers and display only those values you set for One Ball, Two Ball, etc. + Powerball.

You can turn on Show Multiplier if that is part of your presentation and set the value from the Multiplier popup menu.


Due to the way this Title was constructed, only simple Position and “Size” parameters have been provided.

If you Position the numbers off-screen to the left, you will see all the number display across the screen. This weird aberration is the reason there is no OnScreen Control associated with this Title.

Support for Social Media (Vertical Video) has been provided. 

Normal HD (16:9) is the recommended width limit *IF* you require placing the Pick in the lower corners of your video with the provided parameters. You can, however, use the Effects Transforms for further placement and/or animations.

Disclaimer: These templates are NOT guaranteed to pick winning numbers. Your chances of winning are the same as they always are.

If you win anything, drop me a line! (Twitter or the contact/support form). I’d love to hear about it!

Installation Instructions.

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