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SC Quotable


SC Quotable is an effect to be added to any kind of clip, including titles. Many features to customize the appearance and/or animate.

SC Quotable - Adapt it to any kind of clip you want!

Quotable has many, many options!

Six Quote styles. Double, single and italic options.


Area bounds can be modified inside and outside of the bounds with color and blending options.

Easily timed Fade In/Fade Out operations (for the effect alone — will not involve any background media.)

As an Effect, you can design your own setups and save them as Effects Presets.

Vertical Video friendly.

When first applied, there are two sets of quotes and two OnScreen Controls (OSCs).

One OSC controls the center position. The other (SizeOSC) a “corner” of the “area” or region. The quotes normally “reside” on the upper left and lower right of the region (with options to move them from these points.)

If you’re left handed, it is possible to easily control the quote positions from the left side. The control switches ”priority” at the halfway mark – horizontally and vertically.

Fade controls are in *percent of length of clip*. By default, no fades are set. There is an optional Easing control (from Linear to a full Ease In/Out over the length of the fade.)



The effect applied to the Atmosphere title that comes with Final Cut.

Quotable variants - plain color and area backgrounds applied
Quotable variants - single quotes - gradient color and area backgrounds applied

Installation Instructions.

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