Confetti Transition


Confetti Transition for Final Cut Pro X.

Requires FCPX 10.4.8. May be backdated to 10.4.

Also requires installation of a font (provided): ZZSCTransVideo-Regular.ttf.


Confetti Transition

Extensively customizable!

Break Apart and Build Up are the two style options. Break up the outgoing clip or build up the incoming clip.

Made for 16:9 projects, this is a 3D effect and requires the installation of a custom font (which is provided). It is absolutely seamlessly put together! (Also handles pillarboxed or letterboxed clips within 16:9 aspect.)

You have the options to set up how far the individual pieces travel and how much they rotate.

The real power is in the Variance section which provides an amazing amount of randomization! Every application can be a different one from the last one.

There are two Random Seed selectors, one for the order of the sequence and one to re-randomize the variations on the position/travel and rotational effects for each individual piece.

Speed FX of Constant, easing, and acceleration are provided.

An Internal Trim parameter allows you to adjust the length (speed up animation) without having to readjust the length of the transition you your timeline.



If you don’t like dealing with letterboxed/pillarboxed clips, select those clips and adjust Spatial Conform to Fill.

Confetti Transition is amazing when text is part of the effect. Use a Title in the storyline and apply the transition into a video clip.

The effect with text is really nice! Apply text to any video clip with a text effect like Highlighter – Text.

Pricing due to provided additional custom font — license allows you to use the font in other works (distribution/sharing of font not allowed without express permission).

Confetti Transition Demo:

Installation Instructions.

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