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Film Burn


Film Burn is a Transition requiring FCP 10.4.10 or higher, but may be backdated to 10.4.

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Film Burn Transition (and related Title)

Simple transition with a lot of customization built in. Unlimited patterns.  Customize fiery burns down to glows and even down to a more “liquid” reveal.

Best used at transition lengths of at least 3 seconds or more. This transition will look best when it has time to progress. Adding it to your storyline will not override your preferences though.

Purchase includes “Film Burn Title”, a Basic Title with a solid color background with shape masking capabilities. The black background title is a great transition tool for this effect. It really brings out the fire.

When you’ve set up your transition, you may want to save your settings for a future project. Make a compound clip of the two clips with the transition and save it with a name that will help you remember the type of settings. In the future, double click the compound in the Event browser, select just the transition, go back to your storyline and paste it in place.


Installation Instructions.

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